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Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual team Can erase cultural barriers for you to conduct business in a foreign country. We will show you how to conduct business with your counterparts in many of the countries you want to target. We provide you with expert advice and local market know-how. We will help you identify your market opportunities and institute a plan of execution to enter that market. We can walk with you all the way or just help you in an advisory role.

Black Belt

From project selection assistance and governance to specific process improvements and data analysis, our certified team is ready to help. We are ready to fill the role you need. Whether mentoring your organization to enhance existing Black and Green Belt’s output and results or rolling up our sleeves to tackle your specific projects, your goal achievement is our goal achievement!

ERP Business

Only 10% of ERP Implementations ever realize their full ROI or benefits. ERP Implementations are complex and require a focused, dedicated team for an extended period of time. How can you gauge success? We can help! How to determine project completion? What is your ROI? We can help you answer these questions.

Due Diligence

Whether you are merging or acquiring a new company, you will need to perform operational synergy due diligence. Not all market opportunities may be suitable. The best way to find out if there is synergy in the operational styles of both companies is to speak with us. Call us and find out what at we have to offer.


Our world is filled with data. Savvy business and industry leaders must sort through and fish out the few pieces of strategic data necessary to grow and manage your business efficiently. We can help you establish KPI’s (key performance indicators), business performance metrics and executive dashboards using commercial off the shelf tools like Cognos, for example. Give us a call and see how!

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